Starting in 1998, the number of bicycling injuries sustained by adults in the United States began rising dramatically. Combining data from the Census Bureau with statistics from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, researchers determined that in 1998, 23 percent of all bicycle injuries in the United States were sustained by riders age 45 and older. By 2013, that figure had grown to 42 percent. More adults are riding bicycles for exercise, recreation, and for transportation too. We know that as we age, it takes longer to recuperate from any injury, so if you’re an adult bicycle rider, you must use a bicycle helmet, adhere to the traffic rules, and use lights and reflectors if you ride at night. Take these safety precautions, and if you are injured by a negligent driver while riding your bicycle, immediately discuss your legal rights and options – which might include filing a personal injury lawsuit – with an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney.

When you’re injured by someone else’s negligence while bicycling, you are entitled by law to compensation for your medical treatment, lost days from work, and your other injury-related expenses. However, being “entitled” doesn’t mean that the compensation is automatic. You’ll have to prove that you were injured and that a driver’s negligence caused that injury. Let an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, and fight for the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

In central California, if you are injured while bicycling, do not sign any papers from an insurance company or accept any settlement before retaining the advice of a good personal injury lawyer. Let your attorney handle all of the talking and negotiating on your behalf. After any bicycle accident with injuries in or near the greater Fresno area, put your case at once in the hands of an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney.