Californians love sports. We play as kids, then we teach our own kids, and then we play as adults. If for some reason we can no longer play sports, you can bet we will be on the bleachers, cheering on our favorite teams in Fresno throughout the year. We encourage everyone to support the town, the players, and the games. Even if you do not play, support those who do. This is our community, and together we make it strong.

Fresno, CA offers programs for adults to play in leagues and tournaments all year round. Softball leagues, soccer leagues, and flag football leagues are played at the Regional Sports Complex. All tournaments are also conducted at the Regional Sports Complex. The Basketball leagues take place at the Ted C. Wills Community Center. If you enjoy playing sports and being part of a team, the perfect program is waiting for you.


Men’s, Women’s, and Coed Softball games are played at the Regional Sports Complex. The league is for a period of 10-weeks (which includes 10 regular season games). All games will have qualified officials. Division team champions will get individual league champion shirts and a team award.

The registration fee is $350.00. In addition to the registration fee, there will be a one-time ASA fee of $18.00.

Regional Sports Complex is located at 1707 West Jensen Avenue

Adult Basketball

All adult basketball games are played at the Ted C. Wills Community Center Gym. This is for an 11-week season. That is 10-regular season games consisting of two 20-minute halves and an end of season playoff for the top 4 teams. Winners of each division receive team championship shirts and a league trophy. There will be qualified officials at all games.

The registration for the 10-season games is $350.00

Ted C. Wills Community Center Gymnasium is located at 770 North San Pablo Avenue

Men’s Fast Pitch Softball

Throughout the year, the City of Fresno Adult Sports offers two Men’s Fast Pitch Softball Leagues. The games are played at Quigley Playground on West Dakota Avenue. The games are on Friday nights only. This is a 10-week league and includes 10-regular season games. Champions will receive an individual league champion tee shirt and a team trophy. The games will have qualified officials.

Registration for the 10-season games is $460.00

Quigley Playground is located at 808 West Dakota Avenue


Clovis offers a wide range of adult sports that are registered and played at the Clovis Recreation Center. If you are interested in learning about their programs, then contact the Clovis Recreational Center. While this may not be a complete list, they include:

  • Adult Volleyball
  • Adult Basketball
  • Indoor soccer
  • Adult floorball
  • Hockey
  • Men’s softball
  • Coed Softball

They also offer a drop-in program for adults who just want to give it a try or play a game from time to time. Just because you have not played doesn’t mean you can’t. You can get the information you need from their website.

If you would like more information on Fresno sporting events, or if you have other questions about the wonderful opportunities in Fresno, please visit their website.