No one really knows how many people are injured at California’s amusement parks every year, but injuries at amusement parks are probably more frequent than most of us think. No reliable system has ever been implemented for reporting or tracking injuries or fatalities linked to amusement park rides. One thing is nevertheless certain. If you or someone you love is injured in California at an amusement park, you may be able to receive compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and related expenses by filing a personal injury claim with the help of an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney. If an injury happens, don’t wait to make the call.

In amusement park injury cases, typically the claim is either product liability or human negligence. If a ride is designed with a flaw, and that mistake leads to an injury or death, a product liability claim can be pursued against the ride’s manufacturer. Victims have to prove that the equipment was not only defective but also that the defect directly caused the injury or fatality.

When an injury or a death is the result of the negligence of an amusement park’s management or staff, a victim must demonstrate that management or staff negligence was the direct cause of the injury or fatality. Failure to post warning signs; failure to train ride operators properly; failure to maintain equipment routinely; or failure to protect riders with seat belts, safety bars, or flotation devices could all constitute negligence. However, if you don’t adhere to the park’s posted rules and you become injured, the park will blame you for your own injury, and in such cases, your claim may not prevail. Nevertheless, if you or a member of your family is injured at an amusement park, carnival, fair, or arcade in the Fresno area or elsewhere in California, discuss your case at once with an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney.