Many of us think brunch is the best meal of the day. When the thought of breakfast makes you feel queasy in the morning, and lunch is too far away to think about, brunch saves the day.

Not a lot of cities cater to brunch eaters, but luckily Fresno does. People in Fresno have tons of places to choose from when they are looking for delicious brunch items. So, we are going to tell you about some of our favorites.

Manna Cafe

We cannot say enough about this place. Great food, great service, and a warm and friendly environment. The breakfast selection was grand (as we expected because most brunch menus have good breakfast selections), and the lunch selection was also impressive. Everything was delivered hot and fresh!

Fresno Breakfast House

Fresno Breakfast House has been a local favorite for years! There is sometimes a wait but they usually get you seated very quickly. The food is delicious, and the portions are huge. It is a fun place to go and has a beautiful fountain. There is even a piano player. So, go expecting a great meal and a relaxing and fun way to begin your afternoon.


This is such a fun place to go. You can enjoy a huge glass of their famous strawberry lemonade or how about some raspberry swamp tea? Build your own omelet or chose from their incredible menu. Come hungry, because you get a lot of food for your money. It is a hands-down favorite.

Country Fare Cafe

Are you in the mood for something different? Try Country Fare Café for the best Mexican breakfast and brunch cafe you will ever eat.  There are plenty of great Mexican selections, but they have some good American choices for those who are looking for a classic breakfast.

Farm Fresh Bowls Fresno

Are you looking for something healthy? Vegetarians love Farm Fresh Bowls Fresno. Everything here is fresh and delicious. There are dozens of selections of fruits, granola, veggies, egg bowl creation and even a baked potato bowl. The choices are endless and always fresh. Farm Fresh Bowls Fresno is healthy, but do not tell the children. They will love the options and combinations.

The Train Depot

Wow! This is an enjoyable place to go. Of course, it is decked out with train decor. There is even Ticket Manager booth. Breakfast and brunch are their specialties. They do not serve dinner. There is usually a bit of a wait, but they are efficient at getting you in quickly. The food is extraordinary.

A few other Fresno brunch spots we just should mention:

  • Batter Up Pancakes
  • Breakfast Hut
  • The Patio Cafe
  • Jus’ Jo’s Country Kitchen
  • Ho HoKafe
  • MiMi’s Cafe
  • Mediterranean Gus Kabobs

As you can see, there are a huge variety of breakfast and brunch restaurants in Fresno. Try something different; you may discover new favorites. However, if you have a favorite food or a favorite location in the city, a quick internet search will help you find what you are craving. As we said, people in Fresno love brunch!