There are burgers, and then there are Fresno burgers. From the basic home style burger to the gourmet burgers, if you are in the mood for a juicy burger, then you will find it in Fresno. You can get creative and order burgers with pineapple, bleu cheese, or even melted goat cheese. You are going to find, as others before you have, the Fresno is the burger master.

●    The House of JuJu

This is a fun place to eat. Every burger on the menu is named for a powerful woman. For example, you can order a Dragon Lady burger, or a Calamity Jane burger, and much more. What is even better is each burger is unique and they taste great!

●    Irene’s Cafe

Irene’s cafe has won the “Fresno Bee’s People’s Choice” award multiple times. But the awards are not why people keep coming back. Irene’s menu features choices like Teriyaki Pineapple Burger, Mushroom Burger, or give the Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger a try. They are made fresh to order, so try a different burger each time you visit.

●    Eureka Burger

Want something amazing? Try the Fresno Fig Burger. The Fresno Fig burger features fig marmalade. It also contains melted goat cheese, arugula, and spicy porter mustard. Of course, it always comes with crispy bacon and red onion. This burger spot is a local favorite, so get there early to beat the crowd.

●    Mom’s Old Fashion Burgers

You can make burgers unique. You can serve it up on fresh buns and top it with anything your heart desires. But nobody can out do “mom” when it comes to cooking burgers. If you are craving that homemade burger just the way mom used to make it, then this is the place for you.

●    Colorado Grill

The Colorado Grill is a local legend in Fresno, CA. It opened in 1998. The owner has extensive knowledge of the industry and his goal was to offer the best burger you could find at a reasonable price. He did just that. Colorado Grill has won numerous awards for their unique, fresh, and delicious menu choices. You get the best burger, in an inviting atmosphere, served by experienced and highly trained servers.

●    Fancy Burger

Fancy Burger is a great place for a casual and quiet meal. This is a family owned restaurant and every item they serve must be the best. They buy their produce locally to ensure that it is good enough for their table before they put it on yours. It is casual, comfortable, and they serve one of the best burgers in town.

●    Take Three

The burgers at “Take Three” are fantastic. They are thick and juicy and finishing one is an accomplishment. Dressed any way you want them, they are perfectly prepared. Go early, because this place is well-loved and it fills up quickly. By the way, you can place your order online and select a time, and it will be ready when you walk in the door.

There are plenty of other restaurants in Fresno that are worthy of this list, but we are out of space. While you are out and about the city, keep your eyes open, and you are sure to find one. As we said, Fresno is a burger lovers paradise.