Just start a conversation that mentions ice cream in Fresno, and you will surely hear about Ampersand Ice Cream. This place must be one of the most popular ice cream shops in California. Of course, they have the basics, but then they have flavors like Honeycomb and Whiskey Caramel Swirl. This is the place to go if you want ice cream of any kind in Fresno.

G’s Creamery

How about ice cream that is made fresh every day! The shop is a local favorite with inside or outside seating. One visit and you find out how real ice cream is supposed to taste.


Great ice cream and frozen yogurt with so many selections you cannot count them all. They get a 5-star rating from just about everyone who goes there. Try the S’mores; it is one of their top sellers. Bring the kids; they will think they are in a candy shop! Do not worry about taking too much time. The staff is the best around.

Ben Gout Gelato Lounge

This is a one of a kind experience. They are a very popular caterer, so there is no telling where they will show up. This is not just ice cream. Try beer or wine gelato, gelato paninis, crepes, or a scoop of one of the dozens of flavors.

Kogetsu DO Confectionery

Do you love Japanese food? You will be in heaven here. This is a mom & pop location where everything is done fresh. Mochi is hand pounded, and the fruits, teas, and pastes that are put into the authentic desserts are perfection. If you have never tried Kogetsu DO Confectionery, you are missing out.

Rita’s Italian Ice

Delicious ice cream and the best shaved ice in town. This is the place to go for authentic Italian flavors. It is a pretty neat place to visit after a nice date night too.

Cindy’s Frozen Yogurts and Desserts

Cindy’s has creamy ice cream and plenty of selections of frozen yogurts. This is a healthy place, as she featured vegan selections as well. There are a lot of toppings to choose from and flavors to sample. Cindy’s Frozen Yogurts and Desserts is just what you would think a homey neighborhood ice cream shop would be.


While we are on shops with healthy options, we must mention CREAM. Great ice cream, gluten-free and vegan cookies, and dairy-free ice cream. If you want to treat your child with something that tastes great and is good for them, stop here. They will quickly become a family favorite.

Neveria La Tradicional

Great ice cream, great service, huge selection, and a super friendly staff. It’s clean, it’s fun, and the prices are great. What’s not to love about Neveria La Tradicional. Try them once, and you will be back!

HaagenDazs Shop

Okay, unless you have been living on Mars, you have heard of this fantastic ice cream. Fresno has finally swung the doors wide open to serve the best HaagenDazs made. The shop is fun, and the staff is so friendly that you’ll hate to leave. But don’t worry. They will let you take some home with you.