Fresno has many wonderful restaurants. They have great food of any variety. But what stands out to me is their pizza. Pizza is like a staple food in Fresno. It seems to show up in the strangest ways and unusual places. So, let me tell you where some of the best pizza is found in Fresno.

B.J.’s Restaurant and Brew house

B.J.’s is a very popular restaurant, located right across from the movie theater. You would expect them to have some good burgers and steaks with all the trimmings. However, B.J.’s has some of the most popular pizzas in the city. Order a piping hot pie and enjoy one of their great craft beers. You will also get discount tickets for the movie theater, so you can see the new movie you have been waiting to see.

John’s Incredible Pizza Co.

This is one place you just have to try. One of the house specials is Peanut Butter Pizza.  Let the kids ride the awesome train around the track, enjoy the arcade games, while you eat from the buffet which has pizza, pasta, and chicken. This is a great place to go if you have kids or want to act like one.

California Pizza Kitchen

If you don’t like California Pizza, you have never had good pizza. This is the kind of pizza that makes other pizzas seem light on the toppings. They are made to order and made by hand. There is plenty of other options on the menu and a good beer selection as well.

Piazza del Pane

What a pretty place to go and have some great Italian food. The food is fantastic. Try the Italian Sausage Panini and the BBQ chicken pizza. Even the salads and appetizers are delicious. This is a great find, and you will come back once you have tried it.

Sunnyside Pizza

Have you ever pulled up a chair and just felt like you were home? Well, that is what it feels like at Sunnyside Pizza. They are family owned and operated, and when you are there, you are family. You could not find a nicer place, friendlier staff or better pizza anywhere.

Yard House

Yard House is a sports bar with a huge selection of ice cold beer. They serve American food, and they serve pizza. Many people say their pizza is as good as any other in town. So, if you are coming in after a long day for a good beer, order one up. You will love it.

MaMa Mia Pizzeria

You sometimes have to wait a bit, because this place is well-loved in the area. They make a fantastic pizza that is comparable to New York style pizza. Their special sauce is unbelievably good. By the way, they will deliver, so give them a try.

There are much more great places to have pizza in Fresno. Sometimes you are surprised where you can find great pizza in the city. If you claim to make pizza in Fresno, you better be good at it. So, don’t be shy, order away!