Fresno, California is a great place to live. There is always something fun going on. The weather is bright, and people look out for each other in Fresno. But if you have to ask yourself why Fresno is popular, it is because there are a lot of opportunities here. Fresno has major corporations and room to grow. Salaries are good, and people can afford to live here.

We would like to tell you about just a few of the companies that are major employers in Fresno.

P.G.&E. (Pacific Gas and Electric Company)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is based in San Francisco and is responsible for the power needed to work, live, and operate in a 70,000-square foot area. That is a huge responsibility, and they take it seriously. It takes a major team of employees to provide value and service to keep an area of that size moving. PG&E is just to company to handle that challenge. More than 21,000 people are employed with PG&E.

As with any corporation, PG&E is only as good as their employees. Therefore, they hire the best, spend the time and money to train them, and treat them with the same respect they expect them to pay to their clients.

Before a person is hired, they are briefed on the goals and values of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. They explain that these goals and values are not just words. They are the motto of the company, and anyone who works with them is expected to be driven by the same goals.

PG&E believes in equality for all, and they celebrate diversity. This is a wonderful place to work, and they offer great benefits.

Community Medical Centers

Community Regional Medical Center is accredited and recognized for their excellence and quality of service they provide. They are held to the highest of standards.

Community Regional is more advanced in the treatment of cardiac treatment option than any other hospital in the area. They partner with UCSF Fresno Medical Education to offer specialized training in the region.

Other areas they excel at:

  • Generation 4 CyberKnife technology (for cancer treatment)
  • Brain tumors
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer (and much more)

Community Medical Center is one of the largest employers in Fresno with around 8,000 employees.

Foster Farms

Foster Farms is a poultry farm in the city of Fresno. They employ between 1,000 to 4,999 people. They are dedicated to their business and committed to their employees. In fact, more than 90% of the people who are hired at Foster Farms stay permanently.

Employees are treated well. They are compensated well, and they are given competitive benefits. The Foster Farms company has been an industry leader for 80 years, and they set the standards other poultry companies go by in the industry.

Fresno Unified School District

This is where the future of our nation begins. Up to 10,000 people work together to teach and train the youth of the Fresno districts. It takes a lot of people to make a school successful. There are teachers, advisers, administrators, coaches, cooks, maintenance engineers, accounts, and so much more. Whatever your skill, check out the Fresno Unified School District’s website. They may have a job that is just right for you.