Employees in California have substantial employment rights, including wage-and-hour rights, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination rights, sick leave, and essential rest and lunch breaks. California labor laws entitle most workers to a 10-minute break every four hours. But if a worker must stay “on-call” for work during a rest break, is it a legal rest break? The answer to that question is finally going to be decided by the California Supreme Court. If you have concerns or questions about your own employment rights in California, obtain the advice you need by speaking right away with an experienced Fresno employment rights attorney.

In 2012, the Los Angeles County Superior Court awarded almost $90 million in wages, interest, and penalties to about 15,000 former and present security guards employed by ABM Security Services, a company that provides security and other building services. The court ruled that “on-call” rest breaks were not legal rest breaks under California law. ABM appealed the ruling, and in 2014, the trial court’s decision was reversed. This spring, the California Supreme Court voted to review the appeals court’s reversal.

California’s Supreme Court could decide this case either way. Whether the issue is a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, a wrongful termination, or a failure to provide legal rest or lunch breaks, all employees in California have legal employment rights that can be enforced by the courts. Cheating employers use a variety of schemes to nibble away at your wages and overtime, but if a shady employer is trying to cheat you, help is here. If you have any questions or concerns about your California employment rights, or if you believe those rights are being violated by a California employer, discuss your alternatives – including the possibility of a lawsuit against your employer – with an experienced Fresno wrongful termination attorney as quickly as possible.