An investigation conducted earlier this year by NBC 7 in San Diego suggests that scores of employers in California are not paying their employees legal wages, even when they’re ordered to by judges and state labor officials. Since 2010, more than 280 employers in San Diego alone, for instance, have failed to pay at least $800,000 in wages, overtime, and meal breaks, according to state records reviewed by NBC 7. Over the last five years, California courts have ruled against 17,000 companies and have awarded workers $274 million. If you believe that your employer is violating state or federal wage-and-hour laws, discuss your case and your rights as quickly as possible with an experienced Fresno employment attorney.

It’s difficult to believe that so many California employers still fail to pay their employees what is required by federal and state wage-and-hour laws. The minimum wage in this state is currently $9.00 an hour. Employees may not waive their right to the minimum wage, and tips may not be counted toward the minimum wage. After an employee has worked forty hours in a week, additional hours must be paid at one-and-a-half times the employee’s regular wage. You should seek legal counsel at once and speak with an experienced Fresno employment rights attorney if:

• You’re not properly paid for overtime.
• You’re told to falsify your time sheet.
• Your time sheet is changed by someone else.
• You’re not allowed lunches or breaks.
• Your lunches and breaks are not paid even if you work through them.

California offers workers extensive legal protection. Whether the issue is wages and hours, hiring discrimination, or sexual harassment, every employee working in California has rights that the courts will enforce. If you have any concerns about employment rights or if a California employer is violating your employment rights, discuss your circumstances right away with an experienced Fresno employment rights attorney.