Holidays, birthdays, tailgate parties, or just movie night at the house, there will probably be wings. These tasty little tidbits of food are delicious and ready in no time. They can be grilled, fried, dipped in hot sauce, or drizzled with honey. It seems like everybody has their favorites.

Fresno’s knows wings. And, if you live in Fresno, you know just where to go for them. So, we will pass on a few of these hideawaysfor wing lovers.

Knocky’s Bar & Grill

This is a great hangout spot after work,where you can have a beer or two with friends. But don’t forget to order a big serving of their buffalo wings.They are the greatest. They offer other food too, like a burger and fries, but their wings are the best, and people love them so much that they often order more while watching a game.

O’Sullivan’s Sunny side Lounge

Everyone seems to agree, that O’ Sullivan’s has fantastic wings and great dipping sauces.They also seem to agree that O’ Sullivan’s has a great menu selection and everything is a winner. So, order up a beer or two, have some wings, and weigh in with your opinion at the bar.

Dog House Grill

Dog House Grill is a lively, fun, and swinging sports bar with a fun menu. Of course, wings come in on the top of the list. They are famous for getting the party started hours before the big games, and keeping it going well after.

Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill

This is the sports bar to end all sports bars. They have 30 flat screen televisions, so you will not miss the game, a real brick pizza oven and scores of great selections delivered by smiling servers who are dedicated to keeping you happy. Try their wings and grab plenty of napkins, because the sauce is heavenly.

There are plenty of other places that you know make great wings like, Hooters, Papa John’s, and even Pizza Hut. But the wings on this list are prepared fresh, and they are far from the wings that are just an afterthought. They are authentic, and they will make your mouth water.

Buffalo Ranch Wings & Things

This is a great place to hang out with friends and a great place to take the kids. They have a good selection their menu and a huge selection of sauces. Try them all. Some are dry rubs; some are thick and spicy while others are downright hot. There is a kid’s menu too.

Maybe it’s family night at home, or you want some great food to share with the kids. Maybe it is your turn to pick up dinner tonight, and you feel like something new. Maybe you feel like watching the game with friends over hot wings and an ice-cold beer. Whether you’re ready for a night in or out, Fresno has the perfect wings for any occasion.

Wings are delicious, and there are endless ways to prepare them. Fresno knows this to be true, and there are countless places to go and grab some for a last-minute party. You can dip them in anything or nothing at all, and everyone comes back for more.