We have turned our world into a world of concrete, steel, and glass. Our days consist of driving to schools, work, stores, and home. That is just the way it is, except when we can take a break outside. When we have time that is our own; time that is free from the demands of life, we head to the trails.

Fresno (and nearby areas) has some of the most beautiful trails in the state. They are hidden in plain sight and just waiting for you.

Woodward Park

This is a popular destination for people to enjoy the trails. There are several trails that wind through the hills. They are not too long, but you can get in a 1.5-mile run easily, and there are some great hills to challenge you on your bike. There is a play area for children. It is a great place to enjoy right in your own backyard.

Clovis Old Town Trail

This is a beautiful trail with historical markers all along the way. Perfect for hikers and bikers. You will be amazed at the beauty that is all around you. Clovis Old Town Trail consistently draws a 5-star rating from visitors. Don’t miss this trail. It is a local favorite for a reason.

Lois Ewen Overlook

Do you want to see the best view of the entire valley? Head to Lois Ewen Overlook. You will see the entire valley and even some of the coast. There are plenty of hillsides where the trails begin, and the trails are 1 or 2 miles long. Go at sunrise (or sunset), and you will be amazed at the beauty of this location.

Pincushion Mountain

This location is for the mountain bikers, and you can rent an electric mountain bike. Okay, this trail is steep, and a biker without a little experience mayfeel nervous. But if you are up for the challenge, Pincushion Mountain is a great place near Fresno for some adventure. Take the kids and bring a picnic. It’s just a beautiful place to visit.

Louis S. Eaton Trail

Louis S. Eaton Trail is the main trail in the area and the one that started it all. As you move along these trails, you see the history behind them. These trails follow and lead to railroads that were used for over 100 years. The trails are plentiful, and their website has all the maps and information of each trail. This is one you do not want to miss.

St. John’s River Trail

If you just want a tranquil experience along the river near to the old railroad tracks, this is where you want to go. Don’t just bike the trail. Stop and learn about this great area.

The rivers and the railroads were the backbones of this country for more than 100 years. Without them, there would be no United States of America as we know it. Long before there were highways and airports, people were using these locomotives to grow and expand our nation.

Get out and enjoy the nature of the lovely Fresno, California region, but take the time to think about the back-breaking efforts that went into its creation. The trails you hike, jog or bike on today took years to create. Our ancestors would be proud to see what their work created. Pass their legacy down to future generations. Respect the trails and enjoy them. What is free for you and your children came at a great price.