If you are considering divorce in the greater Fresno area or anywhere in California – or if you think that your spouse is considering divorce – arrange as quickly as possible to discuss your rights and options with an experienced Fresno divorce attorney. No matter who you are, divorce can be one of the toughest events in your life. One Florida woman has made a successful business out of helping others survive divorce and move forward constructively with their lives. Tiffany Beverlin launched her business, DreamsRecycled.com, in 2013 as a website where divorced persons can sell their wedding gowns, wedding rings, and related items. Brides-to-be can go to the site and buy once-used items at discount prices.

The online thrift shop is still a big part of Ms. Beverlin’s business, but she’s diversifying. Now the website is a virtual community of scores of people helping one another with every aspect of divorce. Ms. Beverlin has even assembled a team of counselors, financial pros, and child-rearing experts to answer questions and provide advice on the site. Ms. Beverlin wants everyone to know that even though divorce is tough, there’s life on the other side. When her own divorce took place, Tiffany Beverlin was a stay-at-home mom with three kids and no job resumé. She’s now a divorce expert with a website that more than a million people have visited.

No one can guarantee that your own life will be wonderful after a divorce, but an experienced Fresno divorce attorney can see to it that you are treated fairly and can fight aggressively for justice on your behalf. When you divorce, you need an experienced divorce lawyer who has handled scores of similar cases in the past, someone who can confidently protect your best long-term interests. In the Fresno area, when divorce becomes a reality in your life, contact an experienced Fresno divorce attorney as quickly as possible.