As 2014 concluded, over $17 billion was owed by non-custodial California parents who had fallen behind on child support payments. Legislators in California and child welfare activists are always seeking to help parents meet their child support responsibilities, so parents may now make child support payments at the local 7-Eleven convenience store. The “Pay Near Me” service is now available at 1,600 7-Eleven locations throughout California. A $1.99 service fee will be added to your payment. California also this year began accepting child support payments in cash through MoneyGram, which to date has collected about $3 million for children.

In California, if you are seeking child support payments or seeking to increase the amount you are already receiving, or if you are a non-custodial parent and you need or want to reduce or end the child support you pay each month, speak at once with an experienced Fresno child custody lawyer. You’ll obtain the candid advice you need regarding your child support situation, and if you need legal representation, you’ll work alongside an experienced family law attorney who is dedicated solely to helping parents resolve family law disputes.

If the court has ordered you to pay child support, thanks to 7-Eleven and MoneyGram, it’s more convenient than ever. However, you can’t just stop making payments if you lose your job, you become ill, or your circumstances change in some other way. Have an experienced Fresno family law attorney help you petition the court to modify your child support order. If you’re a custodial parent receiving child support payments and you need more each month, you’ll also need an attorney’s help to show the court that your situation has changed. If you need vigorous legal representation in a child support case or if you simply need some questions answered about child support, speak at once with an experienced Fresno child custody attorney.