Camp Invention

Any child from kindergarten through 6th grade can participate in Camp Invention in Fresno. Camp Invention has age-appropriate activities, educational experiences, and the knowledge to tap into your child’s imagination and strengths.

One week per year (during the summer months) Camp Invention works with your child at their level in innovative and fun ways to teach them problem-solving, interaction, and to build their confidence level. We help them see their unique abilities and show them how to harness the power of their dreams. Camp Invention is a great gift to your child. They will develop and grow skills that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Camp Invention is the only nationally recognized, elementary enrichment program and it is a non-profit group.

The Youth Center

Since 1952 The Youth center has been influencing the children in our Fresno community. The Youth Center gives them a sense of adventure. We help them develop their personal interest and help them see new activities that they might not have been exposed to otherwise. There are sports programs, weekly field trips, crafts, and many adventurous challenges. They can only take 15 participants per week, so be sure to check with them about the coming year.

Phone. 562-493-4043

The Artist In Me

This is a studio for future artists that are 6 years old or older. The teacher has been conducting these camps for more than 25 years. She will even schedule a time to bring the artwork to the children’s schools. Everything about this activity is designed to make it fit into your life. The prices are flexible depending on age and skill level.

They are located at 1085 E Herndon Ave #108, Fresno, CA 93720

Phone: (559) 367-2084

Fresno Pacific University – Music Camp

If your child is entering grades 6th through 12th, they can qualify for a summer music camp. This is an exciting and intensive camp. It is conducted by professionals of the highest degree. Children learn music, appreciation, teamwork, responsibility, and respect. Everything we do is done to nurture and mature the child positively and to spark their love of music to a higher level.

This is an annual summer camp which can be a day camp, or the child can reside with other campers for the week. Spots fill up quickly, so you may want to pre-register for next season. Basic training includes:

  • Woodwinds and brass
  • Strings
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Contemporary worship

There are several other classes which are electives.

They include:

  • Jazz
  • Chamber ensembles
  • Music composition
  • Musical theater
  • Handbells

There is a 10% discount for early registration. You can get more information on their website.

There is probably a summer camp for anything your child is interested in and then some. These camps help your children grow socially, intellectually, and ethically. People tend to wait until the camps are about to begin before they try to get their child involved. Unfortunately, there are always limits as to how many children can be accepted into a camp. For your child’s sake, start your research now and be ready when next year’s camps begin. Your child will benefit from it more than you can imagine.