Why is there an interest in how tall a building is? We see huge structures every day. So why are we impressed when we hear of a tall building in a metro area? Could it be, not the height of the building that impresses us, but the majesty of the craftsmanship that constructed it?

There are many impressive and beautiful buildings in downtown Fresno, California. We will provide you a list of the tallest buildings in the city of Fresno. We will provide the number of floors and the footage of the building. You will notice some buildings are not as tall as others, and yet have more floors. Mezzanines, Penthouses, garages, and other areas are not counted in the floor count because they have significantly less floor space.

Top 15 Tallest Buildings in Fresno

  1. Robert E Coyle United States Courthouse
    1. Helm Building
    2. Built in 2005 and is 221 feet and 69 inches tall. It contains nine stories.
  2. Pacific Southwest Building
    1. Also known as the Security Bank Building
    2. Built in 1925 and is 220.99 feet tall and contains 16 stories (one below ground).
  3. Golden State County Plaza
    1. Built in 1962, this building is 218 feet tall. It has 21 floors above ground and one below.
  4. Fresno County Courthouse
    1. Built in 1966, the Courthouse is 200 feet tall. It has 15 floors.
  5. Trade Center
    1. Constructed in 1923, the Trade Center is 173 feet tall and contains 11 floors.
  6. Tower at Convention Center
    1. Built in 2003, the Center has 11 floors and is 160 feet tall.
  7. Mattei Building
    1. Constructed in 1921, this 151-ft. building has 12 stories.
  8. Hotel Californian
    1. Built in 19123, this building is 138 ft. tall and it contains 9 floors.
  9. Helm Building
    1. The Helm Building is 124 ft. tall and it contains ten floors. It was built in 1914.
  10. Bank of Italy
    1. The Bank of Italy was built in 1974. It has 11 stories and stands 120 feet tall.
  11. Community Regional Medical Center
    1. Approximately 121 ft. Tall, 10 stories, and built in 1972.
  12. Masten Towers
    1. This building has been standing in Fresno since 1974. It is 120 feet tall and has 11 floors.
  13. W. Patterson Building
    1. Built in 1923, this building stands at 116 feet tall and it has eight floors.
  14. Fresno Hotel and Conference
    1. This building was constructed in 1984. It is 102 feet tall and is eight stories.
  15. Pacific Bell Building
    1. Built in 1925 this building is only six floors and stands 90 feet tall.

There will always be a building being built that is taller than all others. This takes a great deal of knowledge and skill. But as better building materials are invented, and we grow as a society, we will forever discover a better way to do things. This means a better way to build even taller buildings that are safer than the buildings today. We will learn from our mistakes, and continue to face the forces of nature full on into the future.