On October 1, the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a new bill giving domestic violence victims the right to transfer their cell phone numbers out of accounts controlled by their abusers. Previously, California law has not provided a way for domestic abuse victims to change a shared wireless contract when the victimizer controls the account. Since wireless phones now allow full access to a victim’s call history and even to a victim’s physical whereabouts, the new law has long been needed. It’s an important step, but candidly, if you are a target of domestic abuse, you need a long-term solution to the problem. Make the call now and let an experienced Fresno child custody attorney work on your behalf.

The new cell phone law passed in the California State Assembly by a 78-to-0 vote. It allows a family court judge to order a wireless service provider to transfer an account in cases of domestic violence. However, if you are a domestic violence victim, you need to have a court do much more. An experienced child custody lawyer can explain your rights and options, help you prevent the abuser from continuing to harass or stalk you, and help you obtain a permanent restraining order and a permanent solution. Do not wait – get the help you need now. If you are in a domestic violence situation, call at your first safe opportunity.

Domestic violence is a serious crime, and a conviction for domestic violence is punishable with severe criminal penalties in this state, but proving domestic violence “beyond a reasonable doubt” to a jury isn’t always easy. You probably need an alternative solution. If you have been victimized by domestic abuse or violence anywhere in California, arrange at once to consult with an experienced Fresno family law attorney, and get the help you genuinely need as quickly as possible.