As one of the largest cities in California, Fresno has plenty to do and see. Of course, there are fine restaurants, shopping, and many parks and trails. But we would like to share with you a few things Fresno has that are unusual.

Underground Gardens

The word amazing does not begin to describe this site. This is an underground maze of rooms, gardens, courtyards, patios, and passageways.

It was created by Baldassare Forestiere, who came to America from Sicily. He began work on this amazing project in 1906 and continued to work on it until his death in 1946. The entire project was done with only his vision, as there was never a design made for the garden.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

This rare and wonderful zoo is loved by children and adults. There is a stingray touch pool and public giraffe feeding. There are 39 acres of land, and rare birds and species of all kinds are protected there. They have sea lions which work very well with their trainers and may even put on a show for you. They also feature a beautiful Shinzen Japanese garden.

The zoo houses over 190 species of animals. The Fresno Chaffee Zoo was opened in 1929. The history of this zoo is a bit hard to trace. It seems the“zoo” began as a place for people to take their unwanted pets. That humble beginning was in 1908. But it was years before it was made into a habitat for different animals. It was developed over decades to become the wonder it is today. Thousands of people visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo every year.

Island Water Park

Get drenched in a waterfall, ride through the tunnel of terror, or the Mumbai monsoon. There are slides of various sizes and wave machines to make anyone happy. Be sure to check their website before you go, because they are not open year-round.

Big Fresno Fair

Every year the city of Fresno has a huge fair. There are exciting rides, great exhibits, contests and more. Learn from professionals about their animals. Participate in some of the games of chance. There is plenty of good food, and you are sure to see a concert or two. There is live music, horse racing, and exhibits. The Big Fresno Fair draws about 600,000 people per year. When the fair is gone, the area is used by the city for exhibits.

Shakespeare in Woodward Park

In 1968, Ralph Woodward donated the area of land alongside the San Joaquin River to the city of Fresno. Combined with the small section of land already acquired the park is now 300 acres. That is the biggest regional park in Central Valley.

Every November, The CIF Cross Country performs there in what locals refer to as the Shakespeare Festival. They put on some of Shakespeare’s most famous work in this beautiful park and it is the highlight of the park.

There are so many fun things to do in Fresno, you would need a week to look them all up. It is safe to say, you won’t regret coming to Fresno on your next vacation. There is something for everybody to enjoy in this stunning and diverse city.