When married couples with children get divorced in California, both parents remain legally obligated to support their children and to provide for their food, clothing, housing, education, healthcare, and other everyday needs. In divorces that involve children, California courts use the state’s legally established child support guidelines to determine what parents should pay for child support. Typically, the noncustodial parent will be ordered by the court to make a monthly child support payment to the custodial parent. If the child has special needs, that monthly payment may have to be substantial. If you are the custodial parent of a child who has special needs, and if you need a monthly child support payment ordered by the court, or if you need the monthly amount increased, speak about your circumstances as quickly as possible with an experienced Fresno child custody attorney.

Children with special needs may require special additions or alterations to their residences and their parents’ vehicles. Ongoing medical treatment or long-term therapy may also be required. The needs and expenses of special needs children will change as circumstances and as the child ages. Custodial parents can be assured that California allows, in some situations, for the modification of ongoing child support arrangements. Additionally, for some children, child support may continue after the child’s 18th birthday if the child has a disability or other special needs.

Child support orders cannot be modified without a formal request by one parent or the other. When circumstances change, you may need a child support order modified by the court. A good California family lawyer can look at your personal situation, review your options, determine if you qualify for a modification of child support, and provide the legal advice and services that parents need. If you expect a child support dispute during or subsequent to your divorce, obtain the legal advice and services you need and arrange at once to speak with an experienced Fresno child custody attorney.