Every day in the United States, innocent people are injured because a healthcare provider has been careless or negligent. Sometimes these malpractice incidents result in catastrophic injuries, lifelong disability, or even death. Malpractice can include more than doctors. Dentists, chiropractors, nurses, technicians, and others can be negligent and liable for injuries. When a person who’s directly responsible for malpractice is the employee of a medical institution or facility, the facility is usually named as the defendant in a malpractice claim. All healthcare providers must adhere to high professional standards designed to protect patients. If you or someone you love is injured in California by medical malpractice – which includes surgical errors, inappropriate or harmful prescriptions, and misdiagnoses – discuss your legal rights and options at once with a Fresno-based California medical malpractice attorney.

Overwhelmingly, the majority of medical malpractice claims are settled out of court. If your case can be settled and does not go to trial, you may be able to win a considerable settlement, and you’ll be able to pay far less in legal fees. If your case does go to trial, an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney can fight aggressively on your behalf for the maximum reimbursement you deserve for your injury and your expenses related to it.

However, if you’re a victim of malpractice in California, you need to act at once. The statute of limitations begins the moment malpractice occurs. Contact an experienced California medical malpractice attorney to make certain that your claim is filed on time and that your rights and best interests are fully protected. A good personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case and provide the legal advice and representation you’ll need. If you are the victim of malpractice in California, now or in the future, contact an experienced Fresno medical malpractice attorney as quickly as possible after any malpractice incident.