If you face sexual harassment at your job, it needs to stop and someone needs to be held accountable. You may or may not be the only victim of sexual harassment in your workplace, but you need to be the person who brings the harassment to a halt. If you work in central California, speak at once with an experienced Fresno personal injury attorney. Sexual harassment in the workplace is worse than unprofessional; it’s against the law. A good personal injury attorney will fight aggressively to prove your claims and win compensation for you; additionally, a lawsuit will help to ensure that sexual harassment at your workplace ends for good.

A recent California Supreme Court ruling shows just how complicated sexual harassment cases can be and why you need a knowledgeable attorney’s help. In this case, a 16-year-old female employee of a Domino’s Pizza franchise in Ventura County complained that an assistant manager groped her and made lewd gestures and comments. The girl’s hours were reduced after she made the complaint. She then filed a lawsuit against the assistant manager, Domino’s Pizza, and the franchise owner. Attorneys for Domino’s argued that the “actual” employer in this case was the franchise owner and not the parent company. The California Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of Domino’s by a 4-to-3 margin. According to a majority of the justices, Domino’s is not responsible for hiring or for overseeing employee conduct at its franchises.

Every case is different; as this case shows, sexual harassment claims against some employers can be quite complicated. Nevertheless, sexual harassment is always unacceptable, and victims should always speak out and seek justice. In some cases, victims may be awarded damages to compensate for sexual harassment. In central California, if sexual harassment occurs where you work, take your case to an experienced Fresno sexual harassment attorney.