Everyone knows that in June, the Supreme Court struck down every law in the nation forbidding same-sex marriage. Marrying and divorcing will be easier everywhere, for everyone, now that all couples and all states are operating under the same rules. Still, there are some aspects of same-sex marriage that remain unclear and that courts will need to address. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding same-sex marriage in California should discuss their concerns with an experienced Fresno child custody attorney at once. Anyone involved in a current family-related legal dispute should also get the help you need and make the call now.

One upshot of the same-sex marriage ruling is that when more people marry, more people divorce, so divorce courts will become more crowded, and questions about adoption, alimony, and the division of property will be vigorously argued and disputed. It may not be smart for same-sex couples to rush into a marriage. Meet first with an experienced Fresno family law attorney to determine if a prenuptial agreement is right for you. A “prenup” offers protection to both spouses regarding support and property division if the marriage is dissolved. Partners without prenuptial agreements may have little or no legal protection in the future if they’re unexpectedly served with divorce papers, and in same-sex marriages, the courts for now have few legal precedents to guide them.

When it’s properly drafted by an experienced Fresno child custody attorney, a prenup can provide that guidance. Consider having an attorney work out a prenuptial agreement on your behalf. Same-sex spouses who choose to divorce or who expect to divorce should also speak with an experienced California family lawyer. This summer’s same-sex marriage ruling settled a number of legal issues, but it left many others open. If you have questions, concerns, or need advice or legal services regarding any matter of family law, arrange immediately to consult with an experienced Fresno family law attorney.