Child Support Modification Lawyers in Fresno

Couples who dissolve a marriage face the issue of spousal support. Arrangements for martial care are usually made as part of the divorce agreement. But as we all know, life goes on and circumstances change. Whether the original spousal sponsor agreement was voluntary or court-ordered, after several years it will probably have to be modified. Either party can seek a modification of the sponsor agreement. If you need to have a spousal sponsor  agreement modified, speak promptly to experienced Fresno child custody lawyers at Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian. We’ve been helping families and divorced spouses reach fair and adequate spousal support agreements for more than two decades. If necessary, our lawyers will fight aggressively to make sure an agreement is modified in a manner that is fair to both parties and adequate to your needs.


An ex-spouse may seek a martial care agreement modification when circumstances change, such as:

  • The supported ex-spouse remarries or is cohabiting
  • Either party’s income has significantly increased or decreased
  • Either ex-spouse has become a parent with another partner
  • In some instances, termination of a child sponsor order can be grounds for the modification of a martial care order


At the time of a divorce, there is no presumption that the spousal sponsor agreement – whether entered voluntarily or ordered by the court – will be permanent. After several years, supporting spouses often file for termination of spousal support, and they’re often able to prevail. Our lawyers represent clients seeking to terminate a support order when martial care is no longer necessary or appropriate, and we can also review current spousal support agreements to ensure their fairness and adequacy.

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