Paul J. Pimentel, Partner

Fresno native Paul J. Pimentel has practiced law in California for 25+ years. Since 1995, Mr. Pimentel has specialized in three broad categories of cases:

  • Injury cases including wrongful death, vehicular accidents, animal attacks, harassment or discrimination, wrongful termination, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and wage-and-hour cases
  • Wills and trusts including all disputes relating to the creation or administration of a will or trust
  • Commercial and business disputes that arise when you thought you had an agreement but you don’t, or the other party is “confused” about what was agreed on. Resolutions sometimes be reached simply through a letter or a phone call; in other cases, it may take a lawsuit. Mr. Pimentel tailors his approach to each case to achieve the best, most cost-effective outcomes for his clients.


Paul Pimentel earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis and his J.D. from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. He was admitted to the bar in the state of California in 1986. From 1988 through 1995, Mr. Pimentel was a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Fresno, representing the city in a variety of cases including wrongful deaths, police brutality, and a major environmental challenge where millions of dollars were at stake.


Mr. Pimentel co-founded the Collaborative Law Practice Group (CLPG) along with family law attorney Gerald M. Tomassian. The CLPG offers divorcing spouses the opportunity to dissolve their marriages with the proper dignity and respect that they and their children genuinely deserve. Mr. Pimentel also co-founded the Fresno-based law firm of Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian in 1992. With more than 75 years of combined legal experience, Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian represents injury victims and other clients in the Fresno area and throughout central California. For more information about how our attorneys can help you, call Tomassian Pimentel & Shapazian at 559-277-7300 or contact us online right now to schedule your initial consultation.