If you’re injured at work, workers’ compensation provides medical treatment and compensates you for lost wages. In most situations, by carrying workers’ compensation insurance, employers gain immunity from personal injury claims. But how can you know if you are eligible for workers’ compensation? How much should you receive? How do you know if you’ve provided a complete and accurate application? Call the Fresno personal injury law firm of Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian. We help injured workers overcome the hurdles in the system and receive the benefits they need. If you’re injured at work, protect yourself and call Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian and speak to a Fresno workers compensation attorney immediately.


In California, no permanent disability is paid unless a doctor makes a precise finding of permanent disability. Therefore, it’s imperative to be evaluated by doctors who are not favoring an employer or insurer. We compel insurance companies to pay full benefits, and we make sure you see a doctor who will provide an honest assessment of your condition. Our Fresno workers compensation attorneys help you through each step of the process. Although an injury can be sustained at any job, those in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and heavy industry are at highest risk. Workplace injuries may include repetitive stress injuries, machinery-related injuries, chemical burns, and exposure to toxic compounds.


  1. Some employers actually violate safety regulations or remove safety equipment. If you’re injured because an employer willfully did this, you may receive additional compensation. Call our Fresno workers compensation attorneys to discuss your case if your employer violated a safety regulation or illegally removed safety equipment.
  2. Repetitive stress occurs when repetitious physical actions are performed for an extended period. Our Fresno workers compensation attorneys collect the vital evidence that links your repetitive stress injury to your job.
  3. You may be exposed to harmful substances, especially in agricultural, heavy industry, construction, and manufacturing jobs. Exposure may result in cancers, lung disease, nerve damage, and other serious conditions. Our Fresno workers compensation attorneys will consult with specialists to prove that work-related exposure to a toxic substance is the cause of such a condition.

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