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Fresno Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners and caretakers are required by California law to maintain safe premises and to warn others – customers, clients, tenants, and visitors – about any hazards until repairs are made. Private and public land and all structures intended for social, commercial, or residential purposes are governed by premises liability regulations. If you’re injured on someone else’s property, and the property owner’s negligence is the reason you’re hurt, speak right away to an experienced Fresno premises liability lawyer with Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian. Since 1992, we have successfully represented injury victims in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kingsburg, and Hanford counties with claims against negligent property owners and their surrogates.


We all assume that property owners will take reasonable safety precautions, whether we’re in someone’s home or business or at a school, a park, or any public or private facility or gathering. If you are injured in any of these ways, now or in the future, call Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian at once to arrange a consultation with an experienced Fresno premises liability lawyer:

  • A fall in a parking lot, broken staircase, or on a sidewalk
  • An elevator, escalator, or swimming pool accident
  • An accident caused by inadequate lighting
  • A dog bite or other animal attack
  • A slip-and-fall on ice, water, or some other slippery surface or spilled liquid
  • An injury at a retail location from falling merchandise or items obstructing an aisle
  • A workplace or construction accident
  • An assault, theft, or other crime related to poor lighting, broken locks, or other inadequate security measures

Who is liable for premises liability claims?

Typically, the owner or person who is in possession of the property (for example, a tenant) is legally bound to make sure there are no dangerous conditions on the property.

How can I file a premises liability claim?

This will require knowing the name of the insurance company for the property. The easiest way to start this type of case is to ask the owner for his insurance information; if he does not provide it, then you have no choice but to make an appointment with a lawyer.

What does premises liability insurance cover?

The injuries you suffered because of the accident.

How can slip and fall accidents be prevented?

The best way is through a comprehensive and routine inspection of the premises for hazards. If the owner/business does not have a system of inspection for the premises, it increases the likelihood that he will be found liable for your injuries. However, having such an inspection system does not guarantee the business owner will be able to avoid liability for your injuries.

What kinds of compensation are available for premises liability and slip and fall cases? You can recover your lost wages, medical bills, the pain and discomfort you suffered as well as future medical and wage losses.

Why do I need a lawyer to help with a premises liability claim?

Most people hear the phrase, ‘slip and fall’ or ‘trip and fall’ and think those are easy cases. Ironically, from a law point of view, these cases are quite complex and always involve very special and unique legal issues that have a major impact on what happens. As a result, such cases almost always require attorney assistance if there is to be any hope of success.

What types of injuries occur in a slip and fall?

The most common injuries are to legs, ankles, knees and hips. But certainly landing on your buttock with injuries to your low back are routine. Sometimes people hurt their arms, shoulders and heads as they fall to the ground. Sprains of joints, torn ligaments and cartilage and broken bones can all happen in these types of cases.

When should I hire an attorney for a premises liability case?

If you are injured in a slip/trip and fall you should definitely call a lawyer for an appointment.


Too often, a personal injury is devastating. Spinal damage, brain injury, amputation, and other injuries may be permanently disabling, and it can happen to anyone. With our 75 years of combined practice, our Fresno premises liability lawyers have the experience to understand each client’s particular situation and needs. We are aggressive, and we are successful. For more than two decades, we have established a record that speaks for itself. Our Fresno premises liability lawyers keep flexible hours to meet your scheduling needs, and we return every call promptly. Our staff speaks Spanish and French, so don’t let a language barrier keep you from the legal help you need. If you’ve been injured, call Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian today at 559-545-0383 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.