Most employers know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to stop discrimination against people with disabilities and to guarantee equal opportunity in employment and other areas. If you are a disabled job seeker in central California, and if you believe you are a victim of hiring discrimination, or if you have any concerns about the ADA, get reliable answers and advice by promptly consulting an experienced Fresno employment law attorney.

While the disabled still face significant discrimination when they seek jobs, it’s also a job seeker’s obligation to offer employers something they need. If you’ve unsuccessfully applied for several jobs, discrimination may or may not be the reason. What employers need from you is:

  • Desire: Employers first and above all need your desire to work. If you are not fully ready to return to work, or if you can’t envision being responsible for job duties, then wait until you are genuinely available. Employers want people who want to do the job.
  • Commitment: Employers need guarantees. If you apply for a job, be sure you can handle its terms and requirements. Read the job description carefully. Too many applicants decide after an interview that they need more money or that the hours are not a good fit.
  • Education: Completing high school or college says that you know how to finish something you’ve started and that you can handle assignments requiring organization and communication. If you need to obtain a GED or high school diploma, California provides abundant, low-cost opportunities for adults in all parts of the state.
  • Skills: Employers need specific skills. If you do not possess the skills listed in a job description, that job will not be right for you. Be accurate in your assessment of your own skills. You can improve your skills by taking low-cost courses on topics ranging from flower arranging to computer programming. Seek the positions that line up with your abilities, and don’t waste time with jobs that you do not have the skills to perform.

However, if you need a special headset, keypad, or chair to do the job you apply for, ask the employer about reasonable accommodations during the interview. If you genuinely believe that you are a victim of hiring discrimination, discuss your rights and options at once with an experienced Fresno employment law attorney.