A brain injury is a serious matter for everyone involved. There are different types and causes for brain injuries in California.

Let’s review signs of a brain injury and how you can minimize your risk.

Acquired Brain Injury

We when classify a brain injury as “acquired” we are talking about something that occurred as the result of an internal event. This would include scenarios like:

  • Exposure to toxic materials
  • Instances of surviving a drowning
  • Errors in medications
  • Stroke

It’s important to realize that there may not be any physical signs of the injuryrelated to an acquired brain injury. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer, local to your area and familiar with your jurisdiction’s laws. They will help you through the process of a settlement for brain injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

In the case of “traumatic” brain injury, the cause is going to be the result of an external event. Usually, the victim’s head is struck by an outside force, which causes damage to the brain. Examples would be:

  • Falls
  • Blows to the head
  • Motor vehicle accidents where the head is impacted
  • Assaults – including gunshot wounds.

Who’s at Risk for Brain Injuries?

There are specific age groups and lifestyles that are more at risk for head injuries and brain damage. The first group is senior citizens. They are more prone to injuries due to falling. Young children are another high-risk group. This is because they cannot recover from a head injury as well as an adult. The third group is 19-24-year-old males. They are the most likely group to engage in dangerous sports and recreational activities.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury


Although people of any age can fall when conditions are unsafe, these accidents usually involve seniors. Public places that are not maintained properly are treacherous to navigate safely. Wet floors, and trip hazards, incomplete snow removal, and lack of safety features, such as handrails, all constitute an unsafe environment.

Often, nursing homes and rehab facilities do not have adequate staff to supervise patients. Slip and fall accidents occur more frequently in these conditions.

Blows to the Head

These injuries are also common in contact sports, especially when proper safety equipment is not used. There is a lot of publicity surrounding head injuries and concussions that are the result of football. Concerns about youth football and contact sports, in general, have risen.

Military accidents may involve a blow to the head, which can cause a brain injury. Workplace and construction accidents are also a common cause of brain injuries.

Car Accidents

Head injuries are common in car accidents, especially if seat belts are not worn. Upon impact, the head may hit the steering wheel, the dashboard of the car, front window, or airbag. These scenarios can cause a brain injury.

Assaults and Domestic Abuse

Infants are at risk for “shaken baby syndrome” which causes a traumatic brain injury. Other assault cases, where someone is beaten up, or shot can cause severe damage to the brain.

When you or someone you love has sustained a brain injury, the process of filing a claim and fighting for a settlement can be an additional burden for you. Get a good personal injury lawyer on your side. They will help and advise you for the best possible outcome.