As a medical malpractice law firm in California, we know chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be treated if diagnosed early and accurately. However, if blood and urine test results are misread or misinterpreted, and if kidney disease is untreated or wrongly treated, it constitutes medical malpractice, and a patient’s condition can quickly deteriorate. The kidneys filter wastes and excess water from our blood, and they help to regulate blood pressure. Healthy kidneys keep us healthy. But if you struggle with chronic kidney disease, you have damaged kidneys that can’t filter blood like they are supposed to. CKD develops slowly, usually over years or decades, often leading to diabetes or high blood pressure. CKD can affect anyone, and it’s on the rise here in California and across the United States.

CKD cannot be “cured,” but with early detection and the proper treatment, it can be satisfactorily managed and patients can live a more-or-less normal life. However, when you’re already dealing with CKD, medical malpractice can make things much worse. A misdiagnosis, a failure to diagnose, improper treatment, or the failure to send a CKD patient to the right specialist could all constitute malpractice related to kidney disease. Instead of getter healthier, the victims of malpractice often find their condition deteriorating. If you or someone in your family has suffered medical malpractice in California related to CKD, speak immediately to an experienced Fresno medical malpractice lawyer.

Medical malpractice is the violation of the “reasonable standard of care” provided by most doctors, but sometimes, it’s genuinely difficult for an injured person to know if he or she is a victim. Every malpractice case is different. Malpractice cannot cause CKD, but the failure to diagnose or treat CKD early and adequately can lead directly to kidney failure. Don’t wait. If you are a medical malpractice victim suffering from kidney disease, discuss your case at once with an experienced Fresno medical malpractice lawyer. Take the first step now and make the call.